CEO and Executive Coaching: Bring Your Team to the Next Level of Excellence

Relying on outdated methodology, stale tactics, vague and indefinable goals, and last year’s corporate operations model will only lead to stagnation, decline, and decay.

Most companies either fail to acknowledge (or refuse to recognize) that the most efficient way to make a real change in strategy, direction, and overall performance in order to guarantee sustainable growth, increased revenue, and longevity is from the top down. After all, the prosperity of your business primarily depends on the skills of your management team.

Advantage Business Solutions has gathered expert advice from industry insiders and combined it with the procedures which we have developed during our 30 plus years in the business consulting arena to form a coherent set of tools which can be used to guide any executive, from CEOs to VPs, to professional and personal success.

Our intensive program consists of weekly 90 minute telephone conferences in which our experts guide your company leadership to a new standard of excellence. Unlike many other programs, our sessions are not filled with generic strategies and assorted fluff but are instead tailored directly to the needs of your company and your leadership team. By constructing concrete goals, assigning tasks, and creating benchmarks by which progress will be judged, our consultants can accurately assess how well your executives are responding to our guidance and identify any areas for improvement.

During these sessions we address:

  • Marketing tactics
  • Corporate strategy
  • Sales process
  • Management Methodology
  • And much more

In order to ensure you and your team get the most value from these sessions, we also include unlimited email access to members of our highly trained consulting team for one-on-one coaching. We can also adapt our coaching strategy to include on-site training sessions with our experts or any combination of those methods that best suits your particular situation.

Your team will become skilled at how to approach the following topics by learning industry leading best practices:

  • Market Gap Analysis
  • Corporate Branding
  • New Product and Services Strategy and Development
  • Sales Process Development and Team Management
  • Department Budget Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Organizational Design

By accentuating areas where your company excels and diminishing or eliminating unnecessary expenditures, redundancies, and dated tactics our team can breathe new life into your top-level executives and help plot a new course for your company’s future.

For more on our one-of-a-kind CEO/Executive coaching sessions contact us today or give us a call at 214.691.8846 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.