What Can Advantage Business Solutions Do For You?

Advantage Business Solutions is a unique company that offers a broad range of success tools and resources for companies with 5 employees to 500. Through our premeditated programs and services we help firms increase corporate revenue and operational performance.

With over 30 years of experience working with CEOs and CFOs and the development of our Value Forward Growth model method, we use a unique approach to business success that integrates sales, marketing, finance management, and management strategy into one revenue capture methodology.

Whether you’ve found us because you have a problem you know you can’t fix, or want to proactively enhance your business’s efficiency, Advantage Business Solutions has the knowledge, resources, and strategies to custom fit a program to your needs and budget.

CEO and Executive Coaching

The goal of our executive coaching programs is to give company leadership the knowledge and tools they need to be able to make the right decisions about where to take their company and how to get it there. We provide one-on-one, custom-tailored coaching which incorporates recognized best practices and unique adaptations of proven tactics concerning:

  • Corporate policy
  • Marketing methodology
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales process development
  • Sales management acumen
  • Effective operations
  • Smooth exit strategies
  • Successful corporate mergers
  • And more

Strategy Consulting and Strategic Planning

With our unique three-stage consultation technique Advantage Business Solutions not only gathers accurate data about the performance of your company but of that of others in your industry as well. By comparing the variables we:

  • Define appropriate strategies to ensure your success
  • Work closely with your management to build a strong, detailed plan for future sustainable growth
  • Provide ongoing coaching to executive level management to ensure your well-laid plans reap rewards
  • Follow up and stay available via one-on-one email consulting

Training and Management workshops

At Advantage Business Solutions, our business is the success of yours. To that end, we have developed an in-depth series of training seminars which incorporate proprietary techniques, unique forward-thinking strategy, and industry-leading methodology to teach you how to put your business value in front of you to ensure your prospects see you as an advisor in the boardroom instead of a vendor in the hallway. Our seminars and workshops include valuable information including:

  • Hiring successful sales teams
  • Cold calling management to get results
  • Launch new products and services successfully
  • Effectively managing your teams for the best results
  • Accurately assessing your company’s metrics
  • Transfer responsibilities to qualified personnel
  • And more

Financial Management and Analysis Consulting

Advantage Business Solutions has a rich history in successful financial management consulting. Growing naturally out our history of business Financials and management consulting, our financial expertise is unquestionable. We can assist you with:

  • Financial Processes
  • Administration
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial Projections and Budgeting
  • Business Valuation
  • IRS problem resolution

We offer comprehensive reviews of your organization’s financial management programs including: policies, staffing, management, reports, technology, and controls. We can also assess the viability, stability, and profitability of your business (or project) using ratio analyses, cash flow analyses, and industry comparative analyses to give you a no-holds barred look at where your company is today.

However, businesses never get far without looking toward the future. With the right metrics and forecasting models you can spot and capitalize on trends and catch issues before they become problems. We’ll suggest reports management can use to monitor your progress toward the companies’ goals on a daily basis and help create metrics by which your progress can be judged.

Vague numbers and goals won’t help in instances of divorce, partner buy-out, or selling your business. That’s why we also provide business valuations using a discounted cash flow method, common size analysis, trend analysis, and industry comparative analysis to give you a true dollar value.
Advantage Business Solutions can help you build your business into the best it can be!

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