Strategy Consulting and Strategic Planning: Shifting Paradigms to Meet Your Future

We here at Advantage Business Solutions don’t believe in cookie-cutter business models. No two businesses are the same so why should the strategies they use be? We have over 30 years experience in customizing solutions and creating unique strategic plans for our satisfied clients.

Our strategic planning procedure is a three stage process during which we:

  1. Assess Your Business Model
    We use various techniques to properly identify where your company fits within its specific niche compared to its competitors. We then use that data to objectively calculate a valuation of your business’s worth using a discounted cash-flow analysis. Your company is then given a scorecard regarding your marketing, sales, and strategy.
    We are then able to come to you with specific goals in mind and move onto phase
  2. Stage On-Site Strategic Plan Development Meetings
    Our invaluable 2-day one-on-one client workshops create a vibrant and interactive discussion between our industry experts and your leadership team regarding your current business position. From there, both parties explore different strategies which are calculated to get your company to where it needs to be.
    We focus our attentions on structuring specific goals and objectives, calculating corporate asset requirements, determining employee staffing needs (which we can also offer hiring assistance with), and set concrete timelines to keep your company on track toward success.
    Gathering all of the information from these sessions, we craft a unique strategic plan that’s customized to fit your business’s needs, accent its positive attributes and minimize detrimental practices.
  3. Offer Annual Training and Assessment Packages Safeguarding Your Success
    We offer affordable annual coaching, training, and assessments to ensure that your company’s management team continues to follow the procedures we have created together and cultivates the skill set necessary to get you to your goals.

Unlike other companies, we are not content to hand you a “canned” business management solution and let you figure out how to use it yourself. If necessary, we can even provide Executive Coaching, Training and Management seminars, and Financial Management Consulting Services.

For more on our Strategy Consultation and Strategic Planning Services contact us today or give us a call at 214.691.8846 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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