Financial Management and Analysis Consulting: Helping You Build and Harness the Power of Your

One of the easiest ways for your business to get off track is to lose sight of where your money is, where it’s going, and what it is actively doing for you. The key to positive growth is not letting your potential profit evaporate before you can reinvest it.

In addition to our extensive executive coaching and business management training and seminars, Advantage Business Solutions also offers first class financial consultation services. Drawing on our vast experience in business financials and management consulting, we have developed financial expertise that is unquestionable.

We can instruct and assist you regarding:

  • Financial Processes
  • Administration
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial Projections and Budgeting
  • Business Valuation
  • IRS problem resolution

We offer comprehensive reviews of your organization’s financial management programs including: policies, staffing, management, reports, technology, and controls. We can also assess the viability, stability, and profitability of your business (or project) using ratio analyses, cash flow analyses, and industry comparative analyses to give you a no-holds barred look at where your company is today.

However, businesses never get far without looking toward the future. With the right metrics and forecasting models you can spot and capitalize on trends and catch issues before they become problems. We’ll suggest reports management can use to monitor your progress toward the companies’ goals on a daily basis and help create metrics by which your progress can be judged.

Vague numbers and goals won’t help in instances of divorce, partner buy-out, or selling your business. That’s why we also provide accurate and reliable business valuations using a discounted cash flow method, common size analysis, trend analysis, and industry comparative analysis to give you a true dollar value. If that number isn’t what you would like it to be, we can help you set goals and build strategies that will get it there.

We specialize in integrating every aspect of your cash flow from front-office sales to back office record keeping, encompassing everything in between, into one coherent model that is both efficient and effective. We’ve helped many small to medium sized businesses:

  • Spot errors in their financial practices—recovering large amounts of revenue
  • Weed out redundant processes—improving efficiency
  • Accurately report earnings and expenditures—avoiding IRS fines and penalties
  • Resolve potentially costly confrontations with the IRS—saving hard earned money

We’ve worked with companies ranging in size from five employees to five hundred and can handle your finances just as smoothly. Our satisfied clients have been the best advertising we could have asked for. Give us the opportunity to let you become one of them.

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